At Oriana Tattoo Academy you will learn how to tattoo and how to become a professional tattoo artist.

Oriana Tattoo Academy provides effective solution to training and apprenticeship program.

This Apprenticeship program as an important educational resource for the tattoo professional.

With our program, you’ll find tattooing education more affordable and accessible.

The idea behind the Tattoo Apprenticeship Program is to familiarize students more extensively close with the methodology of Tattooing and practicing tattooing in a shop.

To allow students to interact with examples of the practical problems that always occur during Tattoo work in a Professional shop.

It is essentially a place where Best Tattoo Practices are discussed, practiced and questions can be raised and debates can be conducted.

We have carefully selected the educational material available through this program.

We are confident that the material we offer will help you develop a tattooing facility or work place that is professional as well as profitable.

Learn to build relationships with clients, how to prepare your portfolio of work and how to start your own tattoo business. As a graduate of the Tattoo Apprenticeship program, you will leave with a tattoo artist license and a portfolio to start your career.









219 71st Street

Miami Beach, FL 33141
Tel: 954-589-8010


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