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At Oriana Tattoo Academy you will learn everything you need to know about how to tattoo as well as piercing.

You will also be receiving an education on the business of tattoo. 

What you will learn at Oriana Tattoo Academy:

·          How To Tattoo Safely and Professionally

·          How To Pierce Safely and Professionally

·          The Business Of Tattooing

·          How to open your own tattoo shop – start to finish.

·          Standing out from other tattoo businesses in the area.

·          Marketing your tattoo business online


 When you complete the course, you will be able to work in any professional studio in the world, or open your own studio.

We will teach you all about the Tattoo Machine; how it works, how it has evolved, how to keep it tuned, and how to “tweak” it to do specific jobs, or affects. We will make you familiar with all the different machines available to the serious tattooist, and give you the knowledge necessary to choose the right machines for your specific needs. By the time you have completed your apprenticeship, you’ll be able to take your machine apart, and put it back together blind-folded. We will also teach you all about the various Power Supplies, and electrical circuits, and how to diagnose, repair, and build them.

  • You will learn how to maintain Needle Bars, and Tubes, as well as make them from scratch.

  • You will learn to use all of the Sterilization Equipment, the Auto – Clave, Dry – Clave, the ultra – sonic cleaners, impulse sealers, etc.

  • You will also learn all the Florida Dept. of Health Services Regulations, as well as how they are implemented in a licensed studio. 

  • We will teach you the latest Aseptic Procedures, and the reasoning behind them. You will be constantly schooled on this important subject, and will also attend seminars by the Florida Dept. of Health.

We will provide you with a comprehensive reading list of Tattoo Related Subjects to expand your knowledge of techniques, history, and tradition. While you are an Apprentice, you will have the opportunity for “On the Job Training”, where you will work in a professional setting in Oriana Tattoo Studio.

You will receive “hands-on” instruction as you work in the studio from Master Tattooist, with over 30 years of experience. As a student at Oriana Tattoo Academy you will also have the chance to work with actual tattoo customers before your course ends and you will be leaving with your very own professional tattoo and piercing kit.



miami beach tattoo school




Tattoo  program



Tattoo program




Tattoo program


tattoo school

Becoming a tattoo artist is not just a job, or even just a career–it is a lifestyle and is, in a way, a world of its own. If tattooing is something that you’re passionate about and that you think you can live and breathe, then make absolute sure that you’ve informed yourself about all possible options to get there in the best way possible.

 Tattoo & Body Piercing school
miami beach tattoo school
tattoo school
tattoo & Body Piercing school
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