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Our Mission 

At the Oriana Tattoo Academy, we provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to become successful tattoo artists. We believe that everyone has the potential to create beautiful, meaningful tattoos, and it is our mission to help students discover and hone their talents. Our experienced instructors offer a range of courses covering a variety of tattoo styles and techniques, and we pride ourselves on creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment. We are dedicated to helping our students achieve their goals and become confident, competent tattoo artists.

Oriana Tattoo Academy


A tattoo apprenticeship is a valuable opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, hone your skills, and become a part of the tattoo industry.

Oriana Tattoo Academy


Enrolling in a tattoo school allows you to receive comprehensive, hands-on training in a structured environment.

Oriana Tattoo Academy


Paying tuition for a tattoo artist program allows you to receive professional, comprehensive training and education in the art and business of tattooing.

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Features & Benefits

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Being a tattoo artist is a fulfilling and creative profession that offers many interesting features and benefits. Tattoo artists have the opportunity to express themselves through their art and to use their skills and talent to create meaningful and lasting works of art on the bodies of their clients. 

Oriana Tattoo Academy


Proper tattoo equipment is essential. We'll have more information on this coming soon!

Oriana Tattoo Academy


There is no experience necessary to enroll in the tattoo fundamentals program. However, if you have a background in art that is great! 

Oriana Tattoo Academy


Once you graduate from Oriana Tattoo Academy you will receive a certificate of completion. Licensing is issued on a state-to-state basis.

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Our financing program is tailored to your individual wants and your budget.


The application is easy, and fast, and you’ll find out within minutes if you’ve been approved!


No Credit Required

- Subject to approval and verification. Approval is possible without a FICO® Score, but credit

may be checked.


Early Payoff Discount Option available

- You can save money on interest when you pay off the full balance within the Early Payoff

Discount Period. See the contract for details.


- Subject to approval and verification. Approval is possible without a FICO® Score, but credit may be checked.

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